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Clients & Partners:

  • Ames Construction

  • Flatiron Construction Corp.

  • Interstate Highway Construction Inc.

  • Cutler Repaving, Inc. | Alpha Milling Company, Inc.

  • Castle Rock Construction Company, LLC.

  • Hudspeth, Inc

  • Hirschfeld Backhoe & Pipeline, Inc.

  • Penhall Company, Inc.

  • Harrison Western Construction Corporation

  • Underground Infrastructure Technologies, LLC

  • JKS Industries, LLC

  • Troy Forming Concrete, Inc.

Current and Major Projects:

Castle Rock Construction Hwy 36, Pena Blvd Inbound, Brush and 1-70 Seibert East Project(s)

  • Lawson Construction I-70 Tower to Colfax Project

  • Cutler Repaving City of Denver and Westminster Project

  • Alpha Milling City of Denver Hot Recycle Project

  • IHC 7-25 Runway Complex, 2014 Annual Airfield DIA Project

  • Troy Forming Concrete Midtown New Residential Project

  • Simon Elite Trucking I-225 Rail Line Project

  • Repairs on I-25 South, Denver CO

  • Repairs & additions on Hwy 287, Limon CO

  • Repairs on Hwy I-25 & Hwy 34

  • Dirt Removal on residential zone,

  • Commercial snow removal, Boulder CO

  • Install & Repair of airport run way, Wichita Count Airport, Wichita KS

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